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Physical distancing

The world doesn’t need any social distancing. In fact, we should narrow social gaps in a world that is being divided by cults pretending to be good causes.

Staying 4.5 metres from the next person in line should be called physical distancing.

Voice-controlled elevators

Elevators should support voice control. This way people will be able to select their floor without touching anything.

Alcohol-free cocktails

There are hundreds of incredible-tasting cocktails that were created after years of hard work. Why don’t bars make more money by serving alcohol-free ones?

Bread rolls

The bread roll is one of the greatest human inventions: it makes any simple ingredient that is boring by itself a proper food.

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Audioguides in museums are a sign that the story is not being told well enough visually.


All messengers are bad in some way or another.

iMessage lacks platform universality. Telegram doesn’t believe in decency—any message can be deleted forever, for all sides. Signal is badly designed. WhatsApp doesn’t respect privacy.

Email, however, is universal, honest, unintrusive, simple, and as private as one wants it to be.

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Light switches

Light switches should always be inside the room that the lights are being switched in. Letting outsiders interfere in internal affairs is never a good idea.


A newspaper is the worst content format out there. It’s impossible to read without crumbling its paper and getting furious about its massive size and idiotic foldedness. Newspapers should not exist in the modern world.

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Cancel culture and dialogue

I despise cancel culture: responding to every mishap is a path to isolation.

Dialogue between adversaries should never stop, as it is the only way to find a solution that works well for both sides.

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