A better abbreviation for sine & cosine

For some weird reason the abbreviation for sine is sin and cos for cosine. This is madness compared to the beautiful and logical abbreviation for tangent and cotangent: tg and ctg respectively.

My proposal:

sine si
cosine csi
tangent tg
cotangent ctg

Quite obviously, I submitted them to my local ISO representative for review.

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Atuok 8 mon

The abbreviation of tangent is actually tan, and for cotangent it is usually cot. SI is the acronym for the International System, this may cause some confusion.

Robert Blinov 8 mon

Thank you! The textbooks that I use use tgctg, but my calculator tan, so I see that there isn’t yet an agreed on abbreviation.

I’m pretty sure there won’t be any confusion between the International System and sines, but sncsn would also be great abbreviations.