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Coat hangers & hooks

Bad: hangers. I have to insert the hanger between the sleeves only to have my coat fall when I suspend the hanger on the rail.

Good: hooks. I just hang the loop.

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Eth & thorn

I would proudly use eth (ð) and thorn (þ) for the two ths, if only they were in a keyboard layout.

2019   language

Rollable TVs

Rollable TVs have a little talked about advantage: they are compatible with any reasonable aspect ratio.

2019   design

Time cafés are evil

There’s this notion of time cafés which is spreading far and wide. “Pay for how much you stay, not how much you eat”, they say.

While all-you-can-eats are a bargain, time cafés not only make you cram yourself with food, but make it a competition for the fastest time to do so. This is no good, as food waste is a big problem.

Time cafés are also the worst place for family reunions or days out. Instead of a long day drinking tea with crumpets, you get less precious moments with these valuable people. (The best place for long family days is the home.)

Why do people go to time cafés?

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2018 was a good year. Less dramatic and eventful than 2017, but more fundamental for my future. I became a designer, mostly thanks to Bureau Gorbunov Designer School. I earned my first proper money and got my first actual job. I started sharing my thoughts more openly and learned a new language. I learned how to code, interact with people, and read 481 books. I became Booksearcher’s secret advisor and finally spent a summer in Italy. Oh, and albeit I started playing guitar in 2016, this year was the first one when I started doing so seriously.

Most things that happened in 2018—like the Hawaii false missile threat—make me think This was 2018?!: that’s how long this year was.

I see what I want 2019 to be like, and I’m ready to make it happen. Happy New Year!


It’s way too easy to die. It’s time to eradicate diseases and let people live forever if they want to.

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Ecosystems via subscriptions

As more and more services now work only by subscription, bundles are saviours. These bundles today are the ecosystems of tomorrow.

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How to make Russia a better place

When Russia hosted the World Cup this year—an event of international importance—the host cities got streets cleaned and trash thrown away, made life safer and the overall appearance neater. (Oh, and people were friendlier)

The more such events Russia hosts (or any country, for that matter), the better everything will be. It’s a pity that Ekaterinburg didn’t win the Expo 2025 bid.

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