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Two yellows

The bag yellow is good, while the jacket yellow is bad.

Know your yellows!

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If it is possible to change a capital’s name in a day, anything is possible in eight days.

Take note, Brits.

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Nationalities play

French people try to be like Italians, while Italians try to be like Americans.

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What are all these people talking about? Nursultan is a great name for Qazaqstan’s capital. People named places after their founders for ages:
Saudi Arabia

It’s a different problem that Astana sounds nicer than Nursultan.

P. S. Nursultan, Aisultan and all similar names rock.

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Investment & charity fund


It was not easy to come up with this decision, but this is the only option left for me to put a smile on the face of many today. I am interested in creating and managing a very viable business, as well as charity in your country. I prefer any business that generates good benefits and I will be grateful for your coöperation in business or charity. I have a large fund that will be under your technical and administrative association. If you are ready to participate in this project, I will be grateful for your prompt reply to provide more details on how we can quickly complete this transaction together.

Finally, if you are not interested in this offer, I apologise for the inconvenience.

Ms. Fatima Allah

Translated from Ukranian

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Blinov Nominate for design award consideration

Elena Miller: Blinov, We cordially invite you to send us your good design work; products, projects, services, concepts and offerings for award consideration. Bring attention to your work by winning the A’ Design Award, the symbol of international design excellence.

Me: What do you want me to do with this?

Elena Miller: I will be out of the office until next Friday with limited access to my mail.

Me: And so? :-)

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Days of the week

I really like days the last digit of which matches up with the day of the week. For instance, March 11 is Monday. This eliminates the necessity to remember what day it is.

Although this pleasure ends a week later :-(

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Why people choose being janitors

Some people choose to be janitors, a physically tiring and low-paying job. This seems counter-intuitive, but it is not. Many people are okay with this because it’s mentally much easier to keep doing the same thing again instead of learning a more useful skill.

It’s the same reason as staying with C++ instead of exploring the magical world of Python: staying and moving no further is easier for now.

The bad part is that if no effort is applied the for now will be procrastinated into never disappearing.

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English has gibberish, which means that the easiest pronunciation wins.

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Internet-free Sundays

From June to December 31, 2017, I had an experiment going on, internet-free Sundays. It worked just like it sounds. I noticed that the internet is not unhealthy nor bad, but overwhelming. There were a lot of things I procrastinated on to enjoy the web.

I have a similar sensation now, so I’m starting it again.

This is similar to why I don’t read the news: everything important will get to me one way or another.

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