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The death penalty

Death penalty as a punishment is unacceptable. Death is bad whether it’s Stalin’s or Einstein’s: a corpse can’t acknowledge own mistakes and become better.

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The theory of little scars

Sometimes the world finds out about a famous person’s death. “Died from age”, the reporters say. I don’t understand how someone in their right mind can say such a thing. Age is just a number that shows how old the person is. It doesn’t impact anything directly but the amount of candles on a cake.

The more one lives the more one has experienced—good or bad. By having a paper cut on my finger I might have let a couple of dangerous bacteriae into my body—nothing excruciating—but many such cuts are lethal. So is the story for any other disease.

People don’t die from age, they die from many little scars that pile up over time.

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It’s way too easy to die. It’s time to eradicate diseases and let people live forever if they want to.

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