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Days of the week

I really like days the last digit of which matches up with the day of the week. For instance, March 11 is Monday. This eliminates the necessity to remember what day it is.

Although this pleasure ends a week later :-(

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Internet-free Sundays

From June to December 31, 2017, I had an experiment going on, internet-free Sundays. It worked just like it sounds. I noticed that the internet is not unhealthy nor bad, but overwhelming. There were a lot of things I procrastinated on to enjoy the web.

I have a similar sensation now, so I’m starting it again.

This is similar to why I don’t read the news: everything important will get to me one way or another.

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Coat hangers & hooks

Bad: hangers. I have to insert the hanger between the sleeves only to have my coat fall when I suspend the hanger on the rail.

Good: hooks. I just hang the loop.

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2018 was a good year. Less dramatic and eventful than 2017, but more fundamental for my future. I became a designer, mostly thanks to Bureau Gorbunov Designer School. I earned my first proper money and got my first actual job. I started sharing my thoughts more openly and learned a new language. I learned how to code, interact with people, and read 481 books. I became Booksearcher’s secret advisor and finally spent a summer in Italy. Oh, and albeit I started playing guitar in 2016, this year was the first one when I started doing so seriously.

Most things that happened in 2018—like the Hawaii false missile threat—make me think This was 2018?!: that’s how long this year was.

I see what I want 2019 to be like, and I’m ready to make it happen. Happy New Year!

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Pen caps

Pen caps suck. You know that. But manufacturers don’t.

Dear manufacturers, please stop making pens with caps unless it is a complete necessity. Think about how much time students lose in picking up caps from the floor. And how many germs they pick up along.

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