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Physical distancing

The world doesn’t need any social distancing. In fact, we should narrow social gaps in a world that is being divided by cults pretending to be good causes.

Staying 4.5 metres from the next person in line should be called physical distancing.

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Discounts are not gifts

Every birthday I get reminded about how many companies have collected my information.

Besides sending me distracting and soulless messages, they give discounts for their products. Some happen to call them gifts. Discounts are not gifts!

A gift is actually something, physical or not. A discount is a possibility to get that something easier.

Imagine if a friend gave you a coupon as a present. Not a gift card, but a coupon. How would you feel?

Seriously, a conditionless free cup of tea is better than a discount “as a gift”, especially knowing that most customers aren’t abusers and will probably buy something else.

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Acronyms and abbreviations

AliExpress: Alibaba Express

Amtrak: American track

Gerrymandering: Gerry salamandering

Grade A Under A: Grade A. Underachiever

H B O: Home Box Office

H Q: Hype Quiz

Instagram: Instant telegram

Pac-Man: Program and control Man

PCalc: Programmer’s calculator

Pixelmator: Pixel + mater (to mate)

Qualcomm: Quality communications

Skype: Sky peer-to-peer → Skyper → Skype

Tanzania: Tanganyika & Zanzibar

Uniqlo: Unique clothing

Velcro: Velours crochet

Verizon: Veritas horizon

Walmart: Walton-mart

Yandex: Yet another indexer

The more you know.

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