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Summary of Jonah Lehrer’s “How we decide”

People often make incorrect choices when there are more than four variables.

Simple problems require reason, while the complex not so much. When there’s a large variety of items to choose from, get the one that maximises enjoyment.

People memorise patterns without even knowing.

The emotional brain, powered by dopamine, is paramount for making good decisions.

People get addicted out of excitement, not necessity.

People get upset if what we expected didn’t come to fruition.

Being certain about something is a deceptive feeling.

Prize-linked savings accounts work because we like uncertainty.

Psychopaths don’t feel morality, and therefore, their wrongdoing.

People have a larger sense of loss than for win, even when dealing with the same value.

Never say that you wouldn’t do something in the way that that person handles it, because that person is who you would be at that moment in that situation.

When there’s an abundance of information, we may infer the irrelevant. Cut down on the noise, focus on what’s important.

Don’t think too much.

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Summary of “Exceptional service, exceptional profit”

A customer is worth their lifetime.

Lead people to the place they’re looking for, don‘t just give directions.

Reset customer expectations you can’t meet, even if they seem obvious.

Adjust your service to fit the customer best, but without intrusion into privacy.

Note at least five things unique about the customer, whether preferences or complaints.

When there’s a problem, apologise, review the complaint with the customer, fix and follow up, document the problem in detail to make sure it never happens again.

Make processes as efficient as possible.

Keep the hiring bar high: a bad employee may cause others to quit.

The speed of a group is the slowest one’s.

Make everything feel seamless: if there’s a problem you know you can solve, it should seem like it never happened.

Make the customer feel special.

Use the Italian mama method: even if your customer does something wrong, cheer them up and make them feel no less welcome.

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