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The wider problem. Ground floor room

When something seems like a solution to a problem, look beyond.

This summer I stayed at a Milanese hotel for a night. I found some of its eco-policies to be admirable, while others to be ridiculous. One of the ridiculous ones was giving me a room on the ground floor. “We are afraid of wasting precious energy powering the elevator as this would harm the environment”, the hotel triumphantly declared on its posters. These are fancy words for “we want to save money”.

The hotel also did not think that sound pollution is more of a problem for me than using excess electricity. I might have come up with some fantastic idea if it weren’t for the dogs barking next door.

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The wider problem. Flight shaming

When something seems like a solution to a problem, look beyond.

Greta Thunberg insists on shaming people for flying. She even forced her mother—an opera singer—not to hop on a world tour. While some voyages are faster and cheaper by rail than by plane (Genoa to Rome, for instance), others are not.

Don’t tell me to take a five-day train from Moscow to Sanremo because it’s better for the environment. It might not be. It’s a waste of time to spend five days instead of eight hours to get from one place to another. During the extra four days in Sanremo I could have invented something that would in the long-term help the planet more.

If business people were to cancel their flights to meetings “in order to save the planet” we as a society could be losing more: breakthrough ideas would not be shared, so new products would not be created, therefore the economy would not develop faster and polluting factories would exist for longer.

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May the 1st

How is International Workers’ Day not a working day?

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How to solve most of the world’s problems

Take the problem, often a lack of something or a negative form of it, and turn it into a positive: just feed those who starve, just get the homeless homes, just get the unemployed work, just educate the uneducated, just stop wars (become neutral).

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Food waste is not a problem

I almost had “Food waste is the world’s dumbest problem” as the title.

Food is food, after all. Food is organic. Organic stuff rots quicker than other things. My dacha has a compost pile where uneaten food and banana peels go. There is nothing wrong with this, as well as with throwing apple seeds out the window (as long as there’s soil below).

School forced us to eat the barely decent meal entirely, instead of letting us take as much as we feel like and having the option to bring own food. This applied even if paying the school lunch provider!

They say food waste is a problem because people don’t finish the food they’re eating, while kids in Africa suffer from hunger. How is overfilling yourself, thus making yourself feel worse, helping kids in Africa? Take as much as you can eat! Unfortunately this is not so much of an option in restaurants, hence stop feeling guilty about not finishing your meal.

It is also noteworthy to mention Apeel, a company that has developed a way to keep food fresh for longer by using leftovers from other food to keep moisture in and oxygen out.

Just feed those who starve.

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