Bank fees

Putting aside the issue of centralisation, cash is quite a good means-of-exchange. Transactions are private by default, work without digital technology, and do not require intermediaries.

This latter point is as important as the two former ones. Most banks have a transaction fee that nearly always goes unseen by the customer. Using cards instead of cash lets parasitic intermediaries amass money originally belonging to productive men and their families:

y = 100% × (100% − 2%)n, n being the number of card transactions

The banking cartel dreams of a cashless society because it will enable free reign over transaction fees, and thus the acceleration of the transfer of wealth. The Italian bank-terminal mandate and cash-transaction cap must be abolished.

Avoid banks whenever you can. If withdrawing cash, use the ATM twice to drive up the statistics: for example, withdraw 100 € two times instead of 200 € at once.