London in May 2023

First of all, the euphoric smell is still there. I didn’t find it as common as in 2020 and before, but it does come from the Tube and it also came from a bus. May it stay.

A beautiful window:

A beautiful lantern:



Other address lettering:

Soviet architecture:

A traffic light:

An outdoor table:


A mighty entryway:

A lovely face:

Trees and bricks:

A brick wall:

The London Fire Brigade’s coat of arms reminds me of the Kiribati flag 🇰🇮:


A gallery:

A patriotic flag display:

An ice cream van:

A charming car:

A square:

The London Eye:

Big Sister is watching:

A pharmacy swastika:

Wokeness at the Wellcome Collection:

My message:

The first words of one of my favorite poëms, Leisure, on a sticker:

Other city details:

Unlike Italy, there is a lot of Asian and Indian cuisine in London. Its spicy aromas are a delight.

Packaging at the supermarket:

Drinking from a coconut:

A water bottle:

Swedenborg’s Rules of Tremulation:

It’s a shame Selfridges doesn’t sell fridges.