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The future of the web

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Recently, I’ve written a manifesto about being immune to cancel culture. Understanding the gloomy reality, I decided to stop it from affecting me.

In today’s centralised web, the only sure way to avoid being deplatformed is to run a server at home, something that may not always be possible to do. Searching for other ways to resist external restrictions, I found out about Stacks, a network that creates a financial incentive to decentralise the web. Just like miners are paid a fee for running bitcoin nodes, Stackers are paid a fee to run Stacks.

Stacks is versatile: it can be used to run websites with the decentralised storage system Gaia, but also to place smart contracts such as paid subscriptions, auctions, and access control.

It’s time to start transitioning to the decentralised Web 3.0. Learn more on