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Trapped in a rug

I’m going through my earlier school memories and I want to share them with you. I even have an entire notebook where I wrote internal “memes” we had in sixth grade.

This one is from second grade. There were many rugs in the room, as we would sit on them. (We were in class on them for most of the time until we started using proper desks in third grade.) One was in a corner, waiting to be laid down. For no apparent reason, our teacher decided to punish Matthew, my classmate. It probably was because he was distracting us from reading a book, but I’m not sure. She could have yelled at him, given a warning, or in the worst case scenario sent him to the headmaster, but she decided to go in a different route. She was a good teacher, so she jokingly rolled him into a rug, reminding me of a scene of the “80 days around the world” cartoon, where Passepartout is kidnapped and transported to Palmyra rolled in a rug, in a pile of them. We all laughed, Matthew included, and then swiftly returned to the lesson.