Ceasefire, now!

Ukrainians and Russians are dying needlessly.

Arms shipments to Ukraine must stop, and Europe should negotiate with Russia & Ukraine over a new security arrangement for the whole continent.

Ceasefire, now!


Eugenics simply means finding ways to have the best offspring.

It is fine (moreover, great and natural!) as a man’s or a woman’s individual choice. But it is absolutely deplorable as government central planning for reproduction.

That said, incest should be banned.

Every hardship is a test

The universe sends us hardships to see how we will reäct to them and whether we will reäct at all. This is not “unfairness”, but a test—a chance to prove ourselves.

The worst thing that happened to you is the best thing that could happen to you.


A way to create internal friction so folk don’t unite against the state.

Red-flag legislation

Red-flag legislation is a way for an enemy to preëmptively disarm its victim.


The Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act is yet another European regulation stomping upon people’s freedoms.

Hate speech is not a crime, but rather speech hated by puppeteers. Moderation should be handled by webstead administrators, not by Brussels bureaucrats.

Politics and idiots

Politics is a sociëtal cancer. It is evil, but ignoring it only leads to poorer outcomes.

In Greek, the word idiot pretty much used to mean apolitical. Don’t be an idiot.

Populist sovereignty

We must take back all the power.

Exit the WHO. Reform the EU. Abolish public-private partnerships, copyright, central banking, welfare, taxes, government interference in education, and nearly all gender quotas.

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