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What a coïncidence

The Nuclear Threat Initiative and Epstein-Island-visitor nature-hater Bill Gates predicted this latest outbreak with incredible accuracy. Viruses are being engineered in labs and let loose on purpose. Shutting down gain-of-function research and punishing killer globohomos is a moral obligation.

The China-controlled World Health Organisation will be trying to pass its new constitution next week, which lets it take over nation-states during “periods of pandemic preparation”. Don’t let your country’s officials sign it, and persuade them to exit the organisation entirely.

Legislation-resistant technologies

The Eurosoviet Von der Leyen regime today presented a draft law on mandatory chatcontrol. The absolute surveillance it calls for is an attack on free society.

Technologies should be built in ways that make such laws impossible to enforce. Optional privacy is no privacy at all, as it divides people into normies and “those with something to hide”—that’s why Monero rules and Zcash drools. Decentralisation and transparency are paramount.

Avoid Big Tech, be smart, and destroy tyrannies!

Mainstream media lies about Ukraine

I’m worried that mainstream media peddling lies about Ukraine will lead to more loss of life and freedom. Julian Assange pointed out correctly that nearly every war started in the last 50 years was a result of media lies. If the media was actually anti-war, it would dedicate airtime to mention the near-daily bombings of Somalia, Yemen, and Palestine.

In 2014, the US and some of its NATO allies helped overthrow democratically-elected Ukrainian president Yanukovych, began spreading artificially-created anti-Russian sentiment, and integrated the neonazi and anti-Russian Azov Battalion into the Ukrainian National Guard. These latter madmen openly speak about desires to eat Russian children and nuke Moscow, only to be awarded by actor-president Zelensky. These were serious threats, as Ukraine had labs and sites developing all sorts of weapons, including viruses targeting certain ethnic groups.

NATO undermines national sovereignty, and it must be dissolved. Italy should cancel the 11th article of its constitution, strengthen its military, and close foreign bases on its soil.

Many American congressmen will send weapons anywhere but their own backyards if it means profiting from military-industry stocks and lobbyists. Eurosoviet Union president Ursula von der Leyen has recently stated “Ukraine belongs to us”. Other politicians use the current situation to deflect responsibility for their failures at home, and to enact icky legislation after making people panic.

Tyrants cancel the debate when they cannot win it. Banning media outlets and imprisoning people for dissent is disgraceful. Fake news is best suppressed by spreading truth and being transparent. Words are not violence.

There is no such thing as collective responsibility. Only certain people are responsible for certain actions. Society is not responsible for government crimes; the victim is not the aggressor. Oligarchs will bypass sanctions placed on them at the expense of regular people.

This is only a smol part of the full story. Keep your head when all around are losing theirs.

English spelling reform

Despite always being the best at English spelling in class, even amongst true natives, its inconsistencies bug me. That’s why I’m fascinated with the idea of English spelling reform.

An English spelling reform must not be a mandate, and government’s role in it should be limited to simply recognising and universally adopting the new spellings in its facilities.

A universal spell-as-you-pronounce reform is not a good idea, as it would designate a certain accent as “the correct one”. It would also lead to words losing their roots: spelling friend as frend would kill its connection to fiend; spelling phlegm as flem or even just phlem would disassociate it from its adjective phlegmatic.

A good spelling reform sticks to rules that already exist, is easy on the eyes, and makes rules more consistent. I already spell the past verbal tense of focus as focussed and the plural of gas as gasses, to make it clear that these words do not rhyme with used and phases respectively. This idea can be expanded to other words: spelling intervocalic as intervocallic, since it does not rhyme with Gaelic.

The British -our spelling of words like colour and flavour has no reason to be, hence I will now be spelling these and similar words as color and flavor. This is retroäctive: I updated their spellings in my previous posts to make finding these words easier. I will also now spell the word mould as mold.

The perfect English spelling reform would be a grassroots initiative—our society agreeing that it is okay to “misspell” if doing so brings about orderly simplicity. I’m ready to be the first to begin.

I will now spell the word light, as in not heavy, as lite.

Though, although, through, and through-out will become tho, altho, thru, and thru-out.

Small will now be smol: it’s cuter, and, well, smoller. (Smoler rhymes with bowler.)

Thoughts about space

I never cared about constellations and never figured out how to find them.

But I’ve always had a fascination with almost everything else related to space: comets, red moons, meteor showers, auroras (especially strong thermal emission velocity enhancements), parallel universes, tesseracts, space-time warps, wormholes, black holes, and aliens.

Progress in space travel is nice to see, although it’s suspicious how nobody has stepped foot on the moon for fifty years. It would be great to have an emissions-free rocket.

We must be able to avoid being annihilated by an asteroid; for this we need a laser that can deflect one. Building a better space telescope will allow for earlier diagnosis.

I love the dark night sky and wish that there would be less light pollution. Space is not a place for junk, including Starlink satellites.

I worship the sun: it’s the only reason why life exists. Exposing the entire body to sunlight for as long as possible is fantastic for health—sunlight is a great energiser and the best disinfectant. Sunglasses and sunscreen are destructive; sun-dimming is inherently evil. Artificial light, especially blue light, breaks natural bodily rhythms. Perhaps adorning parliamentary assemblies with grand circular skylights will make politicians more sensible.

Solstices and equinoxes are some of the most meaningful festivities. Happy equinox!

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Motorcycle vs. electric scooter

A motorcycle is heavy and bulky. An electric scooter is light and compact.

A motorcycle is noisy. An electric scooter is silent.

A motorcycle needs constant oil, dirty fuel, and repair. An electric scooter needs just a little charging.

Driving a motorcycle requires a license. Driving an electric scooter requires a brain.

It is a designer’s job to turn life’s motorcycles into electric scooters. This is an allegory, of course.

New nations with WMDs

Under no circumstances should any additional nation get to have weapons of mass destruction.

No more wars!

“Peacekeeping weapons”

Government: “We’re using these weapons for peacekeeping.”

Me: “Then may I help keep peace with one of these weapons?”

Government: “No, these are weapons of war!”

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War is massive organised murder that drastically expands government power and extinguishes freedom.

Treaties should never commit nations to future wars, and should instead help stop them.

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Called the EU about chatcontrol

Chatcontrol is unacceptable. That is why I left EU Home Affairs Commissioner, Ylva Johansson, a strongly-worded message:

Here’s the transcript:

Hello Ms. Johansson, I would like to talk to you about the new chatcontrol legislation and how it is absolutely disastrous for everyone in the EU and generally in the world.

The European Union wants to “temporarily” mandate spying on personal conversations in order to “protect children”. By doing this, it is effectively banning end-to-end messaging encryption, allowing potential thieves and murderers to read our conversations. Criminals will always disobey the law, so this [proposal] won’t help. If you begin scanning messages that go through servers held by companies, crime networks will set up their own private servers. Crime is fought through education, freedom to work in ethical industries, and a tough approach to who can immigrate to a country. There is no such thing as a backdoor which can only be used for good, just as is there is no such thing as a temporary mandate. If a state of emergency gives a government extra powers, the government will never want to let go of them, and will keep extending the emergency forever, just as it has done with the Covid epidemic.

You will be held accountable for your actions. Please, Ms. Johansson, don’t enact this law! Don’t encourage your people to enact this law! This is absolutely horrible, this will destroy the creativity of people: they will [become] afraid. Even if the people trust the government now, what if there’s a government that’s completely the opposite, what will they do with this ability? They will persecute people for different beliefs! You have to be careful about any law enacted now even if it’s for supposed good (this law cannot do any good), but nevertheless, imagine if the complete opposite, if a tyrannical dictator used this law. This law is absolutely horrific and as a concerned citizen I really do not this law to be passed.

I left Executive Vice President for a Europe of the Digital Age, Margrethe Vestager, a similar message.

I also called EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, who hung up seconds after responding, twice. Not something unusual from a corrupt New World Order tyrant who wishes for a universal digital ID (read: social score) and signs secret deals with pharmaceutical companies.

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