It’s crazy how nearly everybody lets one hand become dominant. Much better to develop capabilities in both

The metaphysics of decarbonisation

Carbon is the foundation of all organic matter. A war on carbon is therefore a war on natural life

Typeface minimalism

I’m trying to reduce the amount of typefaces around me to just a few

Cracks in the matrix

There is _literally something wrong_ with the world we live in

Planetary habitability

It’s a hypothesis pretending to be a fact! It’s based only in extrapolating the principles of earthly life, disregarding that other life may thrive under very different conditions...


Butterflies are flying flowers with eyes


I have never worn glasses and do not intend to

The perfect walk

The perfect walk is done nude on sand next to the sea, amidst a clear sky and fresh morning air

Black tea time

If it’s too late to drink black tea, it’s too late to drink anything

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