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Why online public school won’t last

I’m entering week three of online school, the best school experience I’ve ever had.

But it will end once the quarantine ends. Online lessons cancel borders, therefore potentially reducing future tax revenue. It’s not worth it for a country to educate somebody without getting anything in return.

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A short message for Bill Gates

Bill, please don’t let the tinfoil fringe elements take advantage of you. I perfectly understand your motives, but it would be much better if you didn’t laugh or smile in questionable circumstances.

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The 19th COVID

Kellyanne Conway recently mentioned that COVID-19 was the 19th COVID. This gaffe has been caused by poor naming: the disease should have been called COVID-2019.

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Physical distancing

The world doesn’t need any social distancing. In fact, we should narrow social gaps in a world that is being divided by cults pretending to be good causes.

Staying 4.5 metres from the next person in line should be called physical distancing.

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Voice-controlled elevators

Elevators should support voice control. This way people will be able to select their floor without touching anything.

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