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Environmentalism has been hijacked

Eliminating waste and pollution is a noble cause. But environmentalism today has been almost completely taken over by climate alarmists

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Elon’s share dump

Back when his acquisition of Twitter seemed imminent, Elon Musk sold $8.5 billion worth of his overvalued Tesla shares

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Being contrarian is valuable

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1984 in the European Union

If we’re not yet living in 1984, then we’re closer than ever

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Progressive: the radical left is stealing a word’s definition

The ideas of so-called Progressives hinder growth, contradicting the definition of progress

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Renewable energy is cheaper than coal

As of 2019, renewable energy is significantly cheaper than coal

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Why online public school won’t last

I’m entering week three of online school, the best school experience I’ve ever had

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Ecosystems via subscriptions

As more and more services now work only by subscription, bundles are saviors. These bundles today are the ecosystems of tomorrow

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