No-CSS Club

I’m happy to have my webstead listed in the No-CSS Club

Merceneros visual identity

Merceneros is a coöperative offering technical services to the Monero economy

No-JS Club

My webstead has never had JS outside of some blog features

Typeface minimalism

I’m trying to reduce the amount of typefaces around me to just a few

Tucker on Twitter

Taylor Lorenz: “It’s wild to see what a fish out of water he is on the internet”

Just one

Life hack: own just one plate, bowl, mug, glass, tablespoon, and teaspoon to never procrastinate on washing them

Don’t be ascetic

Being ascetic leads to a boring life and loss of attention to surroundings

I’m happy when others reïfy an idea of mine

I’m happy when others reïfy an idea of mine, since I get more time to work on something else