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Choose a flavour

While you’re in line, you might as well be choosing what ice cream to enjoy. Usually this ends with the favourite one being taken by the person in front. Instead of wasting time asking about what ice cream flavours are in stock after the moment of sorrow, you see them in advance:

G U M, Moscow

And it’s extremely easy to take a certain flavour off the menu for the ice cream seller.

The only way to further improve this is to put the price up top, let go of the decorations, and stop repeating the words “ice cream”.

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Grom ice cream is the best ice cream I know. I have tried others, but Grom always came out on top. Vittoriana, a Genoese chain, also had quality ice cream, but closed for no apparent reason (tell me if you know why).

I have tried every flavour of Grom ice cream released in the past two years. Those are apple, apple cake, apricot, bacio (hazelnut chocolate), blueberry, bonet, candied chestnuts, candied chestnuts meringue, chocolate, extra dark chocolate, chocolate with orange, coconut, coffee, cream, “once upon a time” cream, crunchy delight, farmer pride (sic!), hazelnut, lemon, lemon meringue, mango cake, melon, milk cream, minty milk cream, nougat, nougat pastry cream, panettone, peach, filled peach, pear, pears with chocolate, pink grapefruit, pistachio, raspberry, raspberry mille-feuille, sacher, salted caramel, sicilian cassata, stracciatella, strawberry, tangerine, tiramisu, cookied vanilla, yogurt, yogurt with peaches and hazelnuts.

The only bad ones are salted caramel and apple.

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