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I speak English, Russian, Italian, French, and Toki Pona

English spelling reform

Despite always being the best at English spelling in class, even amongst true natives, its inconsistencies bug me

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Progressive: the radical left is stealing a word’s definition

The ideas of so-called Progressives hinder growth, contradicting the definition of progress

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Just a speck of sugar

They write about having added just a speck of sugar right in the ingredients list

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My Telegram posts on 2020’s week 28

Week 26 ←→ Weeks 30 & 31...

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When senators are in the lobby, commoners come there to make their wishes. This is how the word lobbying came to be

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Organic: agribusiness is changing a word’s definition

Webster 1913: Of or pertaining to an organ or its functions, or to objects composed of organs; consisting of organs, or containing them; as, the organic structure of animals and plants; exhibiting characters

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Discounts are not gifts

Every birthday I get reminded about how many companies have collected my information

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English has gibberish, which means that the easiest pronunciation wins

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Truth and opinion

Some strange people often say something, and then end the phrase with “but this is just my opinion”. But don’t they want their opinion to be true?

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