Red-flag legislation

Red-flag legislation is a way for an enemy to preëmptively disarm its victim

No-CSS Club

I’m happy to have my webstead listed in the No-CSS Club

Cracks in the matrix

There is _literally something wrong_ with the world we live in

Only god is truly original

Every beïng is a product of its ancestors, and every idea is a blend of preëxisting notions


Utilitarianism breaches personal freedoms and leads to genocides

Conscientious socialism

Socialism fails because of the tragedy of the commons—a kind of prisoner’s dilemma

Money is a go-between

Money is a go-between—a supposedly neutral tool that involved parties trust more than they trust each other

Good explanations are impossible to summarise

That’s why I no longer write book summaries

I dreamt, therefore I slept

My version of the famous René Descartes quote

Article 5

“An attack on one shall be considered an attack on all”...

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