Maximising musical euphoria

By not listening to different songs one after another, I don’t become pique-blind to music

Good vibrations in unlikely circumstances

I fondly remember having uniquely good vibrations in two unlikely circumstances of the recent past

How I listen to music

Most of my music-listening goes like this

Website for “Nel Segno di Bacco”

“Nel Segno di Bacco” is an Italian artistic group touring the country with a musical play about wine, food, and conviviality

Buskers with speakers

I have a subconscious and instinctual, but perhaps irrational distrust for buskers with speakers

Korobeiniki on guitar

Playing Korobeiniki—the theme song of the game Tetris—on guitar

ijo nasa

“ijo nasa” means “strange phenomenon” in Toki Pona. Enjoy

kalama musi wan

The title of my first music piece means “first music piece” in Toki Pona

Up next

Music services run by machines let Christmas carols be heard right after Gangnam Style

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