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Music energises me

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Progressive: the radical left is stealing a word’s definition

The ideas of so-called Progressives hinder growth, contradicting the definition of progress

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Korobeiniki on guitar

Playing Korobeiniki—the theme song of the game Tetris and the film Borat—on guitar

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ijo nasa

“ijo nasa” means “strange phenomenon” in Toki Pona. Enjoy

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kalama musi wan

The title of my first music piece means “first music piece” in Toki Pona

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Up next

Music services run by machines let Christmas carols be heard right after Gangnam Style

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Loud music isn’t music

Music disappears when loud sounds are rocking the walls. The composition, melody, and energy vanish. Only pounding remains

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Music on hold

Music on hold sucks. I am interested in reading an article or watching a video, but instead I have to pay attention to when the music ends and the operator starting babbling

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An anthem for a micronation

A good anthem for a micronation would be “We believe in memes”

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