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Sanremo in 2019–2021

Sanremo is my favorite city in the world

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Genoa in June 2019

Flying in, architecture, building numeration, plaques, birds, tree, voice announcement

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Geneva in October 2020 and July 2021

Typography, architecture, design, and nature

Bologna in July 2019

Cicadas, plaques, plants, architecture, university, typography, illustrations

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Cap d’Ail in July 2019

I like to swim in lakes, not seas. But the Mediterranean Sea in Cap d’Ail is an exception

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There is no moral duty to be vegan

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Why our body succumbs to little scars

Why didn’t nature make the human body powerful enough to beat these scars?

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The theory of little scars

“Died from age”, the reporters say. I don’t understand how someone in their right mind can say such a thing.

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