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Legislation-resistant technologies

Technologies should be built in ways that make tyrannical laws impossible to enforce

Mainstream media lies about Ukraine

I’m worried that the mainstream media peddling lies about Ukraine will lead to more loss of life and freedom

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“Peacekeeping weapons”

Government: “We’re using these weapons for peacekeeping.”

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War is massive organised murder that drastically expands government power and extinguishes freedom

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2021 → 2022

It’s about to be 2022. Whatever. We should not change our actions just because of an arbitrary new beginning

Hunger strikes are the stupidest form of protest

Hunger strikes are the stupidest form of protest: expecting demons to care about their adversaries’ wellbeing is a grave misperception

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Maskless as a symbol of power

During his latest construction site visit, maskless Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin was surrounded by masked builders and district representatives

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If it is possible to change a capital’s name in a day, anything is possible in eight days

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