Typeface minimalism

I’m trying to reduce the amount of typefaces around me to just a few

Attention is currency

We *pay* attention because it is currency

Keep practicing

Ceasing to do something leads to unlearning how it’s done

Don’t work on what you don’t believe in

Trouble is certain otherwise

Nighttime rains and trains

Nighttime rains and trains are friends of productivity, fuldoïng their tasks without forshaping my daytime

Just one

Life hack: own just one plate, bowl, mug, glass, tablespoon, and teaspoon to never procrastinate on washing them

No audio on 2017 MacBook Pro running Linux

Set on avoiding Apple telemetry, I installed Linux on my MacBook Pro

Computer instead of pen and paper

Writing is a form of thinking, and leads me to find new ways of looking at things

I’m happy when others reïfy an idea of mine

I’m happy when others reïfy an idea of mine, since I get more time to work on something else

No toolbars on the Mac

Using keyboard shortcuts is much quicker than pointing and clicking. Therefore I eliminated toolbars wherever possible