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Nice tramway map

This is the nicest map of the Nice tram network ever designed

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Europe diagram, Brexit edition

As the UK is about to leave the EU, I have updated my European diagram to reflect the new situation. I also added the Council of Europe for good measure

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Website for Pigna Library

I started talking with the library’s director, Freddy Colt, in July. In August we agreed that I’d be a volunteer and help the library with some stuff...

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The first website in the world with “prefers-color-scheme: dark”

As Apple begins the dark mode revolution, it wants it to be everywhere. I love dark mode, and I agree

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Updating CGP Grey’s Europe diagram

I looked at CGP Grey’s Europe diagram yesterday and saw that it was outdated. Latvia and Lithuania are now in the Eurozone, and not just in the EU...

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“Events in the Riviera” website

I started working on this project in July, when I saw ugly event posters being put up around Sanremo

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