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Nice tramway map, February 2021

My marvellous Nice tramway map has become even better

Sunset exits beta

58 installs later with no negative feedback, it’s time to move Sunset out of beta

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Calendar checkmark macro

Some events require preparation. I made a Keyboard Maëstro macro that adds a checkmark next to an event’s name.

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Sunset theme for Nova

To write CSS and JS code, I use the code editor Nova. Its dark mode is acceptable but definitely not great

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Nice tramway map, October 2020

My latest map for the Nice tramway adds two new details for airport-goers: the free ride zone and the travel time between the two terminals

Nice tramway map, August 2020

The latest edition of my tramway map for Nice fixes capitalisation non-uniformity and the ecopark’s position, as well as improving colours

ijo nasa

“ijo nasa” means “strange phenomenon” in Toki Pona. Enjoy

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Nice tramway map, July 2020

The latest edition of my tramway map for Nice adds parks and gardens, a better designation for the airport, bold line numbers, and a few colour improvements

Nice tramway map, June 2020

I updated my Nice tramway map with a better design of the Terminal 2 terminus, more legible bus and train icons, and some other minor details

Sorry for the earache

I made a horrible mistake. There was a double pause in a place where there should have been one. I updated the file in my previous post

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