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No audio on 2017 MacBook Pro running Linux

Set on avoiding Apple telemetry, I installed Linux on my MacBook Pro

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LG KP100 ringtones


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Legislation-resistant technologies

Technologies should be built in ways that make tyrannical laws impossible to enforce

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Motorcycle vs. electric scooter

It is a designer’s job to turn life’s motorcycles into electric scooters

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Smart-tech dystopia

“Sorry, your smart kettle will be switched off because you are a 24-year old male in Russia, and therefore are a potential army recruit”

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Unhappy with Apple

Over the past two years I’ve grown quite unhappy with Apple. The beauty and iconicity of its products is not enough for me to continue supporting the company

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The main criterion for closed-back headphones

Closed-back headphones should not leak any sound at all

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What’s impossible today will be possible in the future

I accidentally took this photo when strolling by a London canal

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History for Private Browsing

Sometimes I need to use Private Browsing in Safari. It’s obviously a misnomer because there’s nothing private about it, but it’s generally useful to get better deals

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Primary sources

Facebook or any feed with an algorithm is a manipulator that only shows what is in its interests. The best way to find out the truth is to read the primary source

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