The Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act is yet another European regulation stomping upon people’s freedoms

Tech of freedom and of slavery

I will be giving a talk about the state of modern technology at Villa La Brise in Sanremo

Chipped cheese

Fie upon these crooked knaves! How dare they add microchips into my beloved parmesan!

Cryptography masterclass in Florence

I will be hosting a cryptography masterclass at the New Humanity Festival in Florence

Cameramen at events

I will not be a cameraman at an event

The metaphysics of decarbonisation

Carbon is the foundation of all organic matter. A war on carbon is therefore a war on natural life

Touchscreen gestures

Touchscreen gestures are more ergonomic, intuitive, and fun than button taps

On the pursuit of technology

Pursuing technology for the sake of technology leads to soulless artificiality

On tactility

Tactility is underappreciated. After all, an object needs to be touched to be fully understood

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