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No return date

Almost every flight booking interface has failed at letting me not choose a return date

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Here’s to the crazy ones

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The ones who don’t want their app icons to be rounded squares

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Sharing a code means sharing a code

If I want to share a code let me share the code and nothing else

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My Telegram posts on 2020’s weeks 30 & 31

Telegram is socialist. What’s worse, it filed suit against Apple for “antitrust” violations. I can’t stand this anymore, so I will stop posting to my Telegram channel

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My Telegram posts on 2020’s week 26

Week 25 ←→ Week 28

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No toolbars on the Mac

Using keyboard shortcuts is much quicker than pointing and clicking. Therefore I eliminated toolbars wherever possible

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Morse code tapping to unlock

Today’s phones can be woken by tapping the screen. Future phones will be unlocked by tapping in a pattern similar to Morse code

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QR codes

It’s a bad scenario when QR codes are being scanned by a human. It’s a good one a human approaches a machine that scans his or her QR code

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Pigna Library website v1.1

The Pigna Library happens to host events. There is a dedicated events block to get the readers to know about them

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