Robert’s food. Last updated on May 12, 2022

  1. As unprocessed, as fresh, and as local as possible. Fish killed by ikejime. Cast-iron cooking surface
  2. <20 g of carbs a day, low-fibre. 1:1 protein-fat ratio. Aged fat is more nutritious
  3. Fasting for 16 hours a day or more, eating when hungry. Last meal and drink no later than 4 hours before sleep
  4. Crispy and savory
  5. A feast for the eyes. No artificial blue light

Animal products. List incomplete

Bacon 🥓, bee 🐝, beef 🥩 (steak cooked rare), bone broth, butter 🧈, small red caviar, chicken wing 🐔, clam, cod liver, crab 🦀, duck 🦆, free-range quail egg (shells are crunched into powder), ghee, heavy cream, herring, mackerel, mussel, mutton, octopus 🐙, agemaxxed Reggiano parmesan, sardine, scallop, sepia, Sanremo royal shrimp 🦐, squid 🦑

Fruit and vegetable

Coconut 🥥, leek

Salts. List incomplete

Real salt🧂


Birch sap, rose drink 🌹, spruce juice, Lurisia water🚰 sunned in glass

Approved buffets 😋

None so far, as I barely go to any

Bad food places 🤮. Last updated on May 15, 2022

Ararat restaurant in Moscow. Menu lies about absence of seed oils. Also: blue light

Eatery at Moscow Financial University’s IT campus. Cashier purposefully lies absence of seed oils. Plastic found in “filtered” water!

Burger Heroes. Menu and waiter lie about true ingredients. Also: hormone-changing BPA receipts

Goodman steakhouse in Moscow. Uses seed oils. This is bad even if the selected dish isn’t cooked using them: seed oils emit the carcinogenic compound acroleïn into the air when heated

Moo-Moo. Uses seed oils

Grabli. Uses seed oils