Robert’s food. List incomplete; last updated on January 31, 2022

Demeter-certified ruminant meat is the foundation. Preferably bloody, eaten nose-to-tail

Beef 🥩, mutton

Other meats

Bee 🐝

Seafood and wild-caught fish killed by ikijime

Capelin, clam, cod liver, crab 🦀, cuttle, herring, langoustine, mackerel, La Spezia mussel, octopus 🐙, Sakhalin scallop, Sanremo royal shrimp 🦐, squid 🦑, smol tuna

Eggs cooked over-easy, paired with steak cooked rare

Pasture-raised chicken eggs 🍳, quail eggs


Coconut 🥥, lemon 🍋, Taggia olive 🫒


Chlorella, spirulina


Caraway, cardamom, chili 🌶️, coriander, fennel, fenugreek, ginger, laurel, sea salt 🧂

Drinks sunned in glass

Baiardo spring water, black tea, chamomile tea before sleep 🫖, coffee ☕️, silica-rich sparkling mineral water separate from food


Lugol’s iodine for sore throat or radiation poisoning, propolis


Eating only when hungry

As fresh, as local, and as lightly cooked as possible. No genetic engineering

1:1 protein-lipid ratio. Aged lipids are more nutritious

A feast for the eyes, eaten in the sun with bare hands. Starting at second-tastiest spot and finishing at most tastiest