I, Robert Blinov, am living better with less that lasts longer. Page last updated on November 28, 2021

Sony cable headphones, 2010...2022

Hohner HC26 guitar with reflecting case, 2016+

Constantly reducing screen time on silver 256 GB 13″ MacBook Pro, 2017...2021. Keyboard sent into repair three four times already :-/

Red Zavtra wallet, 2018+

Constantly reducing screen time on red 64 GB iPhone XR, 2018...2021

Xiaomi Qi charger, 2019...2021

Nail clippers, 2019+

White cup, 2019+

Oak Shapdesk, 2019+. I stand almost all of the time

Ikea lamp with 2700 K bulb, 2019...2021

Stapleless stapler, 2020+

Casio calculator, 2020...2023

Two grey Baronfig Vanguard dot-grid pocket notebooks, 2020+

Silver laptop kickstand, 2020+

Blue 500 GB Samsung T7 SSD for backups, 2020...2021

PortaPow USB-A and USB-C data blockers, 2020+

Xiaomi electric scooter, 2020...2022

Black Gerber Shard, 2020+

Pulse oximeter, 2020+

Braun B11 shaver, 2021+

Metallic pen with black ink, 2021+

Romer winter boots, 2021+


Flipper Zero, 2022+