How to solve most of the world’s problems

Take the problem, often a lack of something or a negative form of it, and turn it into a positive: just feed those who starve, just get the homeless homes, just get the unemployed work, just educate the uneducated, just stop wars (become neutral).

Atuok 2018

The world would be a beautiful place if those solutions could actually be applied. I am really happy people are getting more and more involved in global issues, but there are some problems.

1) Feed the starving. Ok, good, it’s direct. The issue here is “how”. Britain faced a big poverty problem back in the 19th century, with more than 33% of the population living under the poverty line, and not being able to afford basic necessities. Guess what they did? They introduced the Liberal Reforms of 1906. Did they work? No, Britain is facing the same issue right now! If we were to feed the poor just like that, with direct government intervention, where would we get the money from? Taxes? Nope, the middle and high class would probably get butthurt seeing their “precious” money being invested in helping the poor. So you might say, let’s use the charity money. Ok good, so you get them food, but then what. You can’t keep feeding them forever, they need to get jobs at a certain point. Given their homeless status, it’s pretty hard climbing out of the cage that is poverty.

2) The same goes for giving the homeless homes... How? With what money? If you gave them a house, then what? They need jobs, but in the market economy of this decade, where employment rates are going more and more down, I doubt people would be happy if 600 thousand people (that’s how many people are homeless) suddenly got a job. Even if they were to get a job, how do we know that they won’t become homeless again? There’s a reason people are homeless, they’re either born homeless, or they become homeless. In the latter case, there’s a reason a person becomes homeless (i. e. drugs), so how do we prevent people from committing the same mistakes? If instead they are born homeless, well then they need basic education, without which they are not self-sustainable economically. You can’t give a homeless man with no education a job position as general manager of a company now can you? The best you can do is assign him or her community service jobs, which still leaves him under the poverty line, defining him as poor.

3) This brings me to the educate the uneducated. Same thing. How? With what money? If you were to actually create that many schools, how would you pay the teachers? What about the school supplies? Not only that, much of the illiterate population do have a “job”. How would they go to school and work and the same time? Evening school?
4) Just stop wars. Umm... again, how? The first world war was thought of as the war to end all wars, yet did it? Oh yeah, WW2 was a thing back then, huh... this just makes you reflect on how difficult it is to stop war, die to us human’s thirst for absolute power, bloodshedding and violence. But that’s the past. Let’s think about the present. Given the present political frame, I doubt that we will stop having wars, especially with our *coughs* charming and delightful *coughs* president... It’s very hard to stop a war without a definitive winner, that’s because of our collective ego...You can’t just say: “OK Talibans, let’s do this: let’s peace out.” Do you think the talibans would agree, or even better, do you think Trump would actually propose a peace treaty like that?
Not only that, we can’t just all become like Switzerland. There’s always gonna be that bullshit country that just crosses a line, and boom, World War 3.

However, those are good points from which to start developing further ideas.

Can you guess who I am?

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I’m talking about the basic principle of solving problems, not about their concrete details: I’m tired of hearing stupid ideas about solving problems in a way that does everything but solves. It is a better to live in a utopia rather than go along with nonsense.

P. S. Never trust politicians.

Atuok 2018

I’m trolling you XD

yep it’s me