Villa Cusona in June and July 2022

Nearby river:

Road sign:

Address plaque:

The key:

The villa, built in year 998:

The views:

The terrace:

The family tree:

A repurposed bottle:

The museum:

The wine cellar:

The wineyards:

Sputnik the dog:

A salamander:


And is that another Sirian craft in the top-left corner?

Touchscreen gestures

Touchscreen gestures are more ergonomic, intuitive, and fun than button taps.


Children with glasses disturb me. How did they break their eyesight so young?

I have never worn glasses and do not intend to—eyes get used to lenses and only become weaker from there. I opt for preventive measures instead: minimising nearwork, avoiding manmade light, and practicing active focus.

Genoa in January 2023

Piazza de Ferrari:

The Ancient Port:


A postbox:

Street corners:

A beautiful palace:

A lottery office:


The Genoese flag 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (England began flying it for easier trade):


Tripe is pasta for carnivores.

Wisdom ignored

More than two thousand years have passed since Ancient Greek and Roman philosophers gave us great wisdom.

But most ignore it, thereby repeating the mistakes of history. Sad!


Utilitarianism breaches personal freedoms and leads to genocides. Even if its means were somehow justified, it puts too much trust in its operator; life cannot guarantee any certain outcome.

But even if folk could somehow bypass cosmic law, wouldn’t this sociëtal flawlessness axe the need to decide for others?

Needs do not beget rights.


Medlars are oranges in apricots’ bodies.

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