World Carnivore Month 2023

Over World Carnivore Month January 2023, I ate about 18.1 kg of meat:

  • beef: mostly flank steaks, but also diaphragm, liver, tripe, ground beef, and other cuts,
  • pork thighs, sausages, pancetta, salami, and mortadella,
  • chicken wings and an entire chicken,
  • tuna,
  • sardines,
  • mackerels.

Of all these meats, I’ll be buying only beef and mackerel going forward. I eat other foods, of course.

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Vilnius in August 2022

The airport:


A cleanly marked crosswalk:

Doors and entrances:

A restaurant:

Stickers on a pole:


A mailbox:

Cool name and logo:


Vilnius loves Ukraine more than informing passengers about the bus’s destination:

Nice steering wheel:

The old town:

The bus station:


Until a few years ago, I found packaged mozzarella gross because of the governing liquid it swims in. I would eat mozzarella only on pizza.

Nowadays, I eat packaged mozzarella just fine (altho I find burrata more pleasant).

Mozzarella reaches its best when mixed with eggs, where it becomes warm and chewy. Drop in some oregano and you essentially have a keto pizza. Yum!

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Sirian UFO sighting

On March 1st, 2019, I was flying from Riga to Nice, and saw the following out of my window:

To me, this most resembled a crashing military plane. But when I checked the web that day, I found no mention of anything similar. “Militaries don’t like to publicise their failures”, I shrugged, and continued on with my day—but kept the pictures.

Boy am I glad that I did.

Late last year, I fell into a rabbit hole of a website called Family of Taygeta. It claims to disclose the truth about what is actually actually going on: explaining multiverses, god, souls, aliens, clones, and the Great Shift coming before 2030.

Oddly enough, everything I read on it actually made sense and did not contradict my views on free will, frequencies & vibrations, humans possibly originating elsewhere, religion (particularly deïsm and Christianity), spirituality, evil entities, and the coming convergence point of a cataclysm the US Navy warned about in the seventies, predictions about Agarthans revealing themselves, the Great Reset, & potential AI singularity. Quite a feat for something so “out there”.

The website describes the alien Galactic Federation, which has also been talked about by former Israeli and Canadian military officers. The Sirian race is one of its primary members, and some of its supposed crafts look just like what I saw out of the plane’s window:

I am open-minded—I do not blindly accept or reject ideas; only the madman is absolutely certain. Family of Taygeta might just be taking advantage of fallacies, reprinting well-written science fiction, or creating a cult. Please comment with any objections, contradictions, and disprovals of what they have to say.

In any case, it’s just a matter of time before we know the truth.

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People are taught to fear apocalypse, to associate it with gloom and destruction.

But the Greek word simply means “revelation”.

The apocalypse will be the best event in mankind’s history.


Luck does not exist. Quoting Ron Swanson, luck is a concept invented by the weak to explain their failures.

There is, however, a cause for every effect, and an effect for every cause.

What is referred to as beginner’s luck is an invitation to continue the journey. I won my first-ever game of Go despite playing against a world champion doing his best.

The lottery is a tax on people who are bad at maths, and even more so on a supposedly lucky day: it is probabilistically unlikely to have multiple yuge unrelated events happen in a day. Altho I do suppose that one’s spiritual energy field reaching a certain frequency can make it more probable. Trust your gut.

Copyrighted euros

Euro banknotes are marked © ECB:

This is a surprising admission of the truth: central banks are the only ones allowed to counterfeit dilute currency value by increasing its supply.

Remember: when the money isn’t scarce, everything else is.

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Manipulated weather forecasts

What if weather forecasts are sometimes manipulated to reduce how many people come to an outdoor gathering?

Volodemort Zelensky’s “Servant of the People” TV show has a scene in which the government suppresses a growing protest by warning citizens about a meteorite heading straight for Kiev.

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Buskers with speakers

I have a subconscious and instinctual, but perhaps irrational distrust for buskers with speakers.

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