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Ceasefire, now!

Ukrainians and Russians are dying needlessly.

Arms shipments to Ukraine must stop, and Europe should negotiate with Russia & Ukraine over a new security arrangement for the whole continent.

Ceasefire, now!


Eugenics simply means finding ways to have the best offspring.

It is fine (moreover, great and natural!) as a man’s or a woman’s individual choice. But it is absolutely deplorable as government central planning for reproduction.

That said, incest should be banned.

Barviha in 2019…2022

An old plaque:

A number plaque:

A sign:

A charming manhole:

Some glass:

A red woven texture:

A train’s emergency brake:

Trees and other plants:

A bird:


These leaves look like hearts:




Every hardship is a test

The universe sends us hardships to see how we will reäct to them and whether we will reäct at all. This is not “unfairness”, but a test—a chance to prove ourselves.

The worst thing that happened to you is the best thing that could happen to you.

The Roman Empire

I do indeed think about the Roman Empire every day.

Its greatness will be restored.


A way to create internal friction so folk don’t unite against the state.

Red-flag legislation

Red-flag legislation is a way for an enemy to preëmptively disarm its victim.


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