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The EU superstate

Tomorrow, European Parliament members will vote on whether they want to turn the EU into a centralised superstate.

Hardly anybody knows about this. dEmOcRaCy at its finest.

Trump’s mental decline

Biden’s mental capacity is really bad, but Trump is having issues too:

  • he confused Obama with Biden multiple times (not jokingly),
  • he confused Kim Jong-un with Xi Jinping,
  • he confused Afghanistan with Ukraine.

He deserves to be president after all The System made him go thru. But he better start taking noötropics to stay preferred over Vivek.

The blood must flow

A part cannot heal itself if it does not have enough blood flow.

Arterial supremacy.

Beautiful signals coming down

Trump at his Nov 11 rally in Claremont, NH:

We spent about three hours together looking up at the sky and seeing some beautiful signals coming down, right?

We’ll see you back there and some place else, okay? But we had—that was a great evening *slight smile*, wasn’t that wild, sort of? It—they started off very sad and, uh, we finished the evening and it was a beautiful beautiful tribute to them.

President Xi is like Central Casting. [Provider of body doubles for entertainment]

I kept Ukraine safe. He would have never gone in. I mean, I did it thru osmosis, they were safe.

Taygeta claims confirmed? I want to believe.

12 oz Coffee in Verona

Screens with menus:

The lamps look like big coffee cups—not bad:

My drink Coco Choco—an outright scam since most of the cup was filled with ice:

It QWACs like a duck

It looks like chatcontrol was called off.

But the EU still lusts for new surveillance powers (duh). It now wants to force browsers to use state-issued QWACs—lower-security web certificates which will potentially allow it to fully monitor web traffic.

I reckon that good open-source browsers will not put government above user. But article 45 of the eIDAS regulation should be stopped regardless.

Genocide in Gaza

In less than a month of active war, Israeli strikes have killed more civilians in Gaza than have been killed in Ukraine in the last twenty. That is more than 8000 Gazans—3000 of them beïng children. It’s collective punishment, in a nutshell. But 67% of Gazans don’t even trust Hamas.

Israel has the right to punish only the attack’s participants and masterminds. But it is now bombing areas in south Gaza which it previously designated as “safe” for evacuation!

The whole thing is a deliberate mess.

  • Net n’ Yahoo knew about the incoming attack but chose to stand down.
  • Israel helped Hamas amid its founding last century so it would weaken the Palestine Liberation Organisation by competing with it. And indeed, Hamas are doing a big disservice to Palestine’s reputation among the ill-informed.
  • There are many Jews in the region today only because of preplanned mass migration that began in the 19th century and displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. (Mass migration makes sociëties implode.)
  • Gaza is an open-air concentration camp: it lacks resources, is surrounded by walls, and has its sea access fettered & its skies dominated by Israel.

I pray for peace and foreign non-intervention. Ending all bloodshed is step one on humanity’s path to bliss.

The stubborn will never find a lasting solution to the conflict. But all it takes is to understand that the real god does not have any “chosen people”.

The flow state

The flow state is magical. Protect it.

Ward off distractions.

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