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Pause in posting

This blog doesn’t have a posting schedule.

Nevertheless, I find it important to say that I won’t be posting much in the next nine months as I am preparing for the Russian unified state exam and other atrocities.

Driving a car at age three

Kim Jong-un learned how to drive a car at age three. People call this fact an outlandish claim, but I can confirm that it’s not: I myself learned how to drive a car at age three.

Facebook blocked me. A picture story

I have zero posts on Facebook and use it only for work-related purposes. Nevertheless, it believes I broke its сommunity standards:

Since Facebook knows that I need it for work, it starts using leverage to get my personal information:

The best part is saved for last. The coronavirus is somehow responsible for Facebook possibly being unable to unblock my account:

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Maskless as a symbol of power

During his latest construction site visit, maskless Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin was surrounded by masked builders and district representatives. It’s clear who’s in charge:

Photo by M. Mishin

The more power, the less masked: Russian president Vladimir Putin didn’t wear a mask even a single time during the pandemic. He can afford doing so: the few people with whom he comes into close contact are tested, quarantined, and disinfected.

Not wearing a mask around other people either means being privileged or being stupid.

Opt-out from call recording

I called Swiss Air today. Instead of the usual “we record your call to improve our services” I was asked about whether I want my call recorded.

This is what good customer service is all about.

Nice tramway map, August 2020

The latest edition of my tramway map for Nice fixes capitalisation non-uniformity and the ecopark’s position, as well as improving colours:

My Telegram posts on 2020’s weeks 30 & 31

Telegram is socialist. What’s worse, it filed suit against Apple for “antitrust” violations. I can’t stand this anymore, so I will stop posting to my Telegram channel. This is its last archive.

Week 28

Tuesday, July 21

The International Space Station passed by:

Sunday, July 26

Telegram now shows a preview of the actual image sent rather than a useless emoji. This is what good design is all about.

Monday, July 27

Good suggestion:

Tuesday, July 28

No it’s not:

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