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Nice tramway map, February 2021

The latest additions to my marvellous Nice tramway map include

  • visual indications of different interchange lengths at Jean Médecin and Garibaldi,
  • SNCF railway stations highlighted in logo gradient,
  • Gare Thiers indicated as a TGV station,
  • bold names for interchange stations in addition to termini.

The future of the web

This is a sponsored post. The text is mine

Recently, I’ve written a manifesto about being immune to cancel culture. Understanding the gloomy reality, I decided to stop it from affecting me.

In today’s centralised web, the only sure way to avoid being deplatformed is to run a server at home, something that may not always be possible to do. Searching for other ways to resist external restrictions, I found out about Stacks, a network that creates a financial incentive to decentralise the web. Just like miners are paid a fee for running bitcoin nodes, Stackers are paid a fee to run Stacks.

Stacks is versatile: it can be used to run websites with the decentralised storage system Gaia, but also to place smart contracts such as paid subscriptions, auctions, and access control.

It’s time to start transitioning to the decentralised Web 3.0. Learn more on

No return date

Almost every flight booking interface has failed at letting me not choose a return date:

If I didn’t choose a return date, there is none. Making me click “I’m going on a one-way trip” is absurd.

Sunset exits beta

58 installs later with no negative feedback, it’s time to move Sunset out of beta.

The only change from beta 2 is the keyword colour: it’s now a nice saffron yellow instead of an eye-biting yellow.

Download Sunset

Calendar checkmark macro

Some events require preparation. To indicate whether I have prepared, I add a checkmark next to an event’s name:

To avoid clicking and typing, I made a Keyboard Maëstro macro. All I have to do to add a checkmark is hover over an event’s name and press ⇧⌥W.

Download macro

Korobeiniki on guitar

Playing Korobeiniki—the theme song of the game Tetris and the film Borat—on guitar:

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I see Mars as a backup

As soon as we’ll have a reliable transportation corridor to Mars, some people will carry out a heroic feat by moving there.

I won’t be one of those people. I’ll stay on Earth, because it will continue to be, for decades, if not for centuries, the best place for humans to live.

I see settlements on Mars and encapsulated cities in space as useful backups to have lest Earth arrive at the impermissible brink of annihilation.

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