A new attempt at chatcontrol

Eurocrats will be trying to pass chatcontrol legislation on Thursday June 20th

Milan in January 2024

The innards of a traffic light button, typography, plaques, posters, greyness, and city madness

Venice outtakes (September 2023)

The parts that didn’t make it into the video for Ribis

Tende in February 2024

A colorful onion, wayfinding, doors, and mountains

La Brigue in February 2024

Mountains, designs with souls, a stage, and a fire

Latisana in August 2023

A heart, the barber, number plaques, pretty typography, and the river Tagliamento

War over nothing

Deeply immoral

Genoa in December 2023

The seafront in Nervi, benches with movable backrests, wooden door, park, and other things across the city

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