The EU superstate

Tomorrow, European Parliament members will vote on whether they want to turn the EU into a centralised superstate

12 oz Coffee in Verona

Screens with menus, lamps that look like cups, and a scammy drink

It QWACs like a duck

The EU still lusts for new surveillance powers

Reana del Roiale in August 2023

Outdoors, a number plaque, and an artist’s home

Udine in September 2023

Ducks in the river, greenery, city gates, dirty textures, and a fancy car

Ceasefire, now!

Ukrainians and Russians are dying needlessly

Barviha in 2019…2022

Plaques, a manhole, textures, trees, flowers, a bird, and firewood

The Roman Empire

I do indeed think about the Roman Empire every day

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