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Sunset theme for Nova

To write CSS and JS code, I use the code editor Nova. Its dark mode is acceptable but definitely not great:

Therefore I made my own theme, Sunset:

It is based on reddish hues, which are good at lowering eye-strain. Text is coloured differently than in dark mode, comments are indicated with italics.

Download beta 1

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Just a speck of sugar

I try not to consume products with added sugars, particularly because it’s difficult to find out how much there is.

Michel and Augustin make it easy. They write about having added just a speck of sugar (une pointe de sucre) right in the ingredients list. If it wasn’t for this, I would never buy their delicious yogurt.

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The best-designed vaccine

The best-designed vaccine

  • Prevents both from getting sick and from spreading the virus to others.
  • Doesn’t induce symptoms: one only feels better after receiving it.
  • Is RNA-based: instead of containing a part of the virus, it contains the instruction on how to produce antibodies.
  • Is single-dose: one trip to the lab does it.
  • Can be breathed in, to avoid puncturing skin.

I invite my readers to continue this list.

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Here’s to the crazy ones

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The ones who don’t want their app icons to be rounded squares. Thank you.

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Nice tramway map, October 2020

My latest map for the Nice tramway adds two new details for airport-goers: the free ride zone and the travel time between the two terminals.

It also now accurately represents Jean Médecin and Garibaldi as ground interchanges.

Nice tramway map, August 2020

The latest edition of my tramway map for Nice fixes capitalisation non-uniformity and the ecopark’s position, as well as improving colours:

My Telegram posts on 2020’s weeks 30 & 31

Telegram is socialist. What’s worse, it filed suit against Apple for “antitrust” violations. I can’t stand this anymore, so I will stop posting to my Telegram channel. This is its last archive.

Week 28

Tuesday, July 21

The International Space Station passed by:

Sunday, July 26

Telegram now shows a preview of the actual image sent rather than a useless emoji. This is what good design is all about.

Monday, July 27

Good suggestion:

Tuesday, July 28

No it’s not:

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