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Eggs indented on carton

Pleasant dimples

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Cracking a can open

Cracking a can open is an even better audiotactile sensation than popping a bottle’s cork

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Three hands raised

Has a person raised three hands to highlight how much he wants to respond? No.

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Motorcycle vs. electric scooter

It is a designer’s job to turn life’s motorcycles into electric scooters

 2 comments   10 mo   design   technology

Unhappy with Apple

Over the past two years I’ve grown quite unhappy with Apple. The beauty and iconicity of its products is not enough for me to continue supporting the company

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Riga in February 2019

Trees, square, bin, train, lights, mosaic, plaques

 No comments   2021   design   Europe   Italy   plaques   public spaces   trains   travel   video

Bergamo in August 2021

Side-street, stones, gates, manhole, logos

 No comments   2021   buildings   design   Europe   flights   Italy   logo   public spaces   stones   travel

Geneva in October 2020 and July 2021

Typography, architecture, design, and nature

London in January 2020

Tube train buttons, waffle marking, wayfinding, beautiful plaques, town square, greenery, shops, clever design

Bologna in July 2019

Cicadas, plaques, plants, architecture, university, typography, illustrations

 No comments   2021   buildings   buses   design   Europe   Italy   nature   plaques   posters   trains   travel   typography   wayfinding
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