Venice outtakes (September 2023)

The parts that didn’t make it into the video for Ribis

Blinov Hyperlegible

Atkinson Hyperlegible without the slashed zero

Typeforms are junk

Not only is it unmightly to quickly scan thru their fields, but it’s also unmightly to click them thru without first entering personal data

La Brigue in February 2024

Mountains, designs with souls, a stage, and a fire

Genoa in December 2023

The seafront in Nervi, benches with movable backrests, wooden door, park, and other things across the city

Nice tramway map, December 2023

This is the biggest update yet to my Nice tramway map

12 oz Coffee in Verona

Screens with menus, lamps that look like cups, and a scammy drink

Cash is freedom. Change my mind

My poster was present at a pro-freedom demonstration in Sanremo, Italy

Male and female haircuts

For good looks

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