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Whiteboard erasers

Bad design: both sides are made of the same material. People sometimes rub with the side that’s supposed to be held. The eraser becomes dirty.

Good design: hard grip. The eraser stays clean.

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My Telegram posts from April 16 till May 16, 2020

Week 21

This is everything published to my Telegram channel in the last month.

April 16

Since January, Twitter has the rights to do whatever it wants to with published content. This is contrary to my world view in which I own and control everything that is a product of my mind.

The blog format doesn’t suit everything I’d like to say, so I started this Telegram channel.

April 20

Apple Notes on the Mac is absolutely unresponsive, especially to two-finger clicks. Keep in mind that this software is made in-house...

April 21

Elevator operators now have a job again.

April 26


April 28

The Japanese know what pleasure is: they’ve got Boneless Fish!

Mac bugs keep getting worse and worse. Apple should release another Snow Leopard this year.

May 2

Sometimes I want to do an image search with the picture I have in mind.

May 8

Just saying: I don’t care about trends. I always act out of my own will.

P. S. Hopefully these words won’t come back to haunt me.

May 14

It always surprises me how Disney makes ugly animals look cute.

Room 104 is the dumbest yet most brilliant show. It proves that any nonsensical artistic idea should be experimented with.

The voice actor impersonating Trump never sounds like Trump, but he does create a metaphor.

May 15

In the past few weeks I really fell in love with jasmine tea.

May 16

The slogan for the 2020 Eurovision would have been “Open Up”. Hahaha

If you’ve got Bitcoins laying around you can send them to me: 1N9XQChRzR8qkR2D1Yd8gbsWwtYeQbFGdM

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No toolbars on the Mac

Using keyboard shortcuts is much quicker than pointing and clicking. Therefore I got rid of toolbars wherever possible.

I design my environment in a way that encourages healthy habits.

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Nice tramway map

This is the nicest map of the Nice tram network ever designed:

The map serves its goal of helping people get around Nice by tram. There is no distracting garbage.

Unlike the current official map, all tram stations are shown on mine:

The most complicated interchange, Grand Arénas, has become legible:

I encourage the city of Nice to adopt my map as the official one.

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Voice-controlled elevators

Elevators should support voice control. This way people will be able to select their floor without touching anything.

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Bread rolls

The bread roll is one of the greatest human inventions: it makes any simple ingredient that is boring by itself a proper food.

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Audioguides in museums are a sign that the story is not being told well enough visually.

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All messengers are bad in some way or another.

iMessage lacks platform universality. Telegram doesn’t believe in decency—any message can be deleted forever, for all sides. Signal is badly designed. WhatsApp doesn’t respect privacy.

Email, however, is universal, honest, unintrusive, simple, and as private as one wants it to be.

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Light switches

Light switches should always be inside the room that the lights are being switched in. Letting outsiders interfere in internal affairs is never a good idea.

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Hand dryers and paper towels

Having a hand dryer and no paper towels in a restroom is a slap in the visitor’s face. There are hundreds of use cases for paper towels, the most basic being blowing your nose.

Oh, and in some cases a hand dryer physically can’t dry one’s hands:

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