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Speed limits

Speed limits cause pollution by keeping cars longer on the road

The peace symbol

The “tripod” peace symbol ☮ is somewhat problematic

Tucker on Twitter

Taylor Lorenz: “It’s wild to see what a fish out of water he is on the internet”

Touchscreen gestures

Touchscreen gestures are more ergonomic, intuitive, and fun than button taps

Sticker on top of deäctivated button

Unconventional but reasonable design

Reïncarnation is better than physical immortality

It allows to live thru different upbringings in different bodies

On tactility

Tactility is underappreciated. After all, an object needs to be touched to be fully understood

Closed systems are potential traps

It’s easy to get out of a stuck tram. A stuck underground train, on the other hand, traps folk inside and forces them to wait for help

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