Italy ūüáģūüáĻ

Genoa in January 2023

Piazza de Ferrari, the¬†Ancient Port, streets, plaques, and¬†the¬†flag ūüŹīů†Āßů†ĀĘů†Ā•ů†Āģů†Āßů†ĀŅ

Ungrateful illegals

Here comes what I didn’t show in my Ventimiglia photopost

Isolabona in March 2023

View, likesome coral hues, and a Rolls-Royce looking-glass

Arms exports put Europe at risk

The¬†European Peace Facility is sending arms to¬†Ukraine‚ÄĒsomething straight out of¬†1984

The International Criminal Court

The International Criminal Court has no juries, no oversight, and no freestanding appeals mechanism

Bank fees

Most banks have a transaction fee that nearly always goes unseen by the customer

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