Public spaces

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Riga in February 2019

Trees, square, bin, train, lights, mosaic, plaques

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Bergamo in August 2021

Side-street, stones, gates, manhole, logos

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Geneva in October 2020 and July 2021

Typography, architecture, design, and nature

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London in January 2020

Tube train buttons, waffle marking, wayfinding, beautiful plaques, town square, greenery, shops, clever design

 No comments   2021   buildings   design   doors   Europe   London   plaques   public spaces   toponymics   trains   transportation   travel   typography   wayfinding

Baskets for unwanted items

Stores should have baskets at every corner, so one never wastes time searching where to leave unwanted items

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Escalator positioning

Bad: making people go around to get to the next floor

 1 comment   2018   design   public spaces   vertical transportation