The longest bus ride that I’ve ever taken was an 8 h 45 min fare from St. Petersburg to Tallinn on June 24, 2022, costing 2220 ₽. This beat the previous all-time high of 8 hours on a bus from Geneva to Sanremo on July 29, 2021

Florence in September 2023

Foregate, door, sticker, graffiti, plaques, and an oopsie

Baiardo in July 2022

Bus honk, trees, flowers, animals, water source & fountain, architecture, and plaques

Bologna in July 2019

Cicadas, plaques, plants, architecture, university, typography, illustrations

Bus route naming

Bus routes should be named logically, so they can be easily memorised

Bus route displays

Not good enough, Moscow

Bus doors

Bus doors should always open outwards. It’s just logic: inwards-opening doors take up space that could otherwise be filled by passengers