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Just a speck of sugar

I try not to consume products with added sugars, particularly because it’s difficult to find out how much there is

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There is no moral duty to be vegan

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My Telegram posts on 2020’s week 21

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Food tastes however you want

Whether something is delicious or disgusting depends entirely on one’s beliefs. It’s effortless to turn food that was once vomited into one’s favourite meal

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Bread rolls

The bread roll is one of the greatest human inventions: it makes any simple ingredient that is boring by itself a proper food

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Tomato juice

I’ve always loved tomato sauce, but I never liked tomato juice. In July I discovered this, which I later fell in love with

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Two weeks without meat

I never had any special relationship with meat, although I ate it what I would call “fairly often”. So I stopped eating it for two weeks to then understand that I can live a full life without consuming

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Where to eat in Italy

Any food place in Italy is good except for the really shady ones

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Grapes with seeds

I call for the elimination of consumer-oriented grapes with seeds

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