Chipped cheese

Fie upon these crooked knaves! How dare they add microchips into my beloved parmesan!

Foa in March 2023

The great outdoors, handmade wayfinding, buildings, olives, and animals

The metaphysics of decarbonisation

Carbon is the foundation of all organic matter. A war on carbon is therefore a war on natural life


No sweets are as tasty as blackberries on a bush under sunlight

Cracks in the matrix

There is _literally something wrong_ with the world we live in

Hunger inhibits long-term thinking

North Korean starvation is not a food-shortage issue, but rather a deliberate tactic to keep people docile and obedient

Beef and veal

Fattier cuts of beef are more nutritious and tasty than those of veal


Tripe is pasta for carnivores

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