Might ✊🏼


Utilitarianism breaches personal freedoms and leads to genocides

False weather memories?

Weather conditions are bouncing around a whole lot more. Or are they?


Everyone, fellow or fellowship, has the inalienable right to self-determination

No normalcy

Normalcy never mightens a person

The warmongering must stop

Established militaries embrace war because it is their path to more power, wealth, and glory

Government has one true mission

Political issues exist because of the immoral use of force

Arms exports put Europe at risk

The European Peace Facility is sending arms to Ukraine—something straight out of 1984


Beauty is the symbol of good, and nature is the greatest source of it

The International Criminal Court

The International Criminal Court has no juries, no oversight, and no freestanding appeals mechanism

Needless virus factories

Odd new diseases, restrictions, deadly vaccines, green passes, and the WHO’s power-grab are all symptoms of another issue—biolabs needlessly producing viruses

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