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Eugenics simply means finding ways to have the best offspring

Every hardship is a test

The universe sends us hardships to see how we will reäct to them and whether we will reäct at all

The high-carbon option

Atmospheric CO2 is at a 300-million-year record low


It’s good to reïnvest profits into development, but I won’t tie my hands by calling my company a nonprofit

Politics and idiots

Politics is a sociëtal cancer. It is evil, but ignoring it only leads to poorer outcomes

Scary is scarry

Fear harms health. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill

Cameramen at events

I will not be a cameraman at an event

Bows and nods

Bows and nods are gestures of subservience

Not doing my best

Am I doing my best? I hope not

Emotions spread like ripples

Emotions spread like ripples, and sometimes even bring about butterfly effects

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