Light pollution

Light pollution is a big deal. The bright spots are the worst places to live in

A dog excited about beïng leashed

Yesterday I saw a dog excited about beïng leashed

Genocide in Gaza

In less than a month of active war, Israeli strikes have killed more civilians in Gaza than have been killed in Ukraine in the last twenty

Everything is possible

It comes down to desire

At what cost?

I too want to reach certain objectives, but not at all costs


Eugenics simply means finding ways to have the best offspring

Every hardship is a test

The universe sends us hardships to see how we will reäct to them and whether we will reäct at all

The high-carbon option

Atmospheric CO2 is at a 300-million-year record low


It’s good to reïnvest profits into development, but I won’t tie my hands by calling my company a nonprofit

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