Me, Robert Blinov


I have never worn glasses and do not intend to

How I use the lift

Most of my lift use goes like this

Good explanations are impossible to summarise

That’s why I no longer write book summaries


I work no matter what, because that’s what we, men, are supposed to do. In fact, we need to work even more—for the wellbeing of future generations


Some tolerance is needed in society

Maximising musical euphoria

By not listening to different songs one after another, I don’t become pique-blind to music

Finger protocol

The command line is quick, simple, and resource-efficient. Whenever reasonable, I use it instead of a GUI

The industrial smell of London

The industrial smell of London brings me a kind of euphoria that I don’t feel in any other circumstance

Good vibrations in unlikely circumstances

I fondly remember having uniquely good vibrations in two unlikely circumstances of the recent past

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