Me, Robert Blinov

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Smiling at cute dogs

Whenever I see a cute dog nearby, I come close and smile in its face

How to fund me

Informing you, my treasured reader, on how to fund me will leave us both better off in the long run

People wearing AirPods

People wearing AirPods are NPCs under mind-control, voluntarily frying their brains with harmful non-natural electromagnetic frequencies

World Carnivore Month 2023

Over World Carnivore Month January 2023, I ate about 18.1 kg of meat


Until a few years ago, I found packaged mozzarella gross because of the liquid it swims in

Sirian craft sighting

Flying from Riga to Nice, I saw the following out of my window

Buskers with speakers

I have a subconscious and instinctual, but perhaps irrational distrust for buskers with speakers

English spelling reform

Despite always being the best at English spelling in class, even amongst true natives, its inconsistencies bug me

Thoughts about space

I’ve always had a fascination with almost everything related to space

Unhappy with Apple

Over the past two years I’ve grown quite unhappy with Apple. The beauty and iconicity of its products is not enough for me to continue supporting the company

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