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Emotions spread like ripples

Emotions spread like ripples, and sometimes even bring about butterfly effects

Good vibrations in unlikely circumstances

I fondly remember having uniquely good vibrations in two unlikely circumstances of the recent past

I dreamt, therefore I slept

My version of the famous René Descartes quote

Thankful to wake up each day

Ever since the 2022 Ukrainian escalation, the first thing that I feel every morning is gratitude for being alive and not having been wiped out by a nuke

London in January 2020

Tube train buttons, waffle marking, wayfinding, beautiful plaques, town square, greenery, shops, clever design


Being half-asleep is the greatest feeling in the world. One feels awake, but it takes an alarm clock to actually wake up and understand what was going on

Bugs in own programs

I feel great joy when finding and squashing bugs in my own programs