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Luck does not exist

Buskers with speakers

I have a subconscious and instinctual, but perhaps irrational distrust for buskers with speakers

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Just one

Life hack: own just one plate, bowl, mug, glass, tablespoon, and teaspoon to never procrastinate on washing them

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Happiness and other emotions

Happiness is internal

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Computer instead of pen and paper

Writing is a form of thinking, and leads me to find new ways of looking at things


Being contrarian is valuable

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Seize the moment

Make your dreams come true now, before something unimaginable stops you from doing so later

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Crazy new ideas

Paul Graham: “The main thing that leads reasonable people to dismiss new ideas is the same thing that holds people back from proposing them: the sheer pervasiveness of the current paradigm”

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Don’t be ascetic

Being ascetic leads to a boring life and loss of attention to surroundings

I don’t regret

I don’t regret past actions that I now deem wrong. They are all lessons that brought me to where I am today

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