Planetary habitability

It’s a hypothesis pretending to be a fact! It’s based only in extrapolating the principles of earthly life, disregarding that other life may thrive under very different conditions...

Abolish nuclear weapons

Atlanticists are continuing their commitment to war with nuclear-capable neighbors—and nukes are no longer deterring

15-minute cities

There is nothing inherently evil about 15-minute neighborhoods and cities. It only makes sense to reduce the time it takes to get from one place to another

Sirian craft sighting

Flying from Nice to Riga, I saw the following out of my window

Thoughts about space

I’ve always had a fascination with almost everything related to space

Why aliens are nowhere to be seen

My previous theory about aliens was a bit of a stretch. There is a more likely explanation for why we haven’t found aliens yet

I see Mars as a backup

As soon as we’ll have a reliable transportation corridor to Mars, some people will carry out a heroic feat by moving there

My Telegram posts on 2020’s weeks 30 & 31

Telegram is socialist. What’s worse, it filed suit against Apple for “antitrust” violations. I can’t stand this anymore, so I will stop posting to my Telegram channel

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