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Mainstream media lies about Ukraine

I’m worried that the mainstream media peddling lies about Ukraine will lead to more loss of life and freedom

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Cherkizovo in January 2020

I came to Cherkizovo in Moscow Oblast to see the Afinsky-Kostryukov dacha, one of many Russian architectural treasures under threat of demolition

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Suzdal in February 2020

Suzdal is the most beautiful Russian town that I’ve been to so far

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The wider problem. Protesters getting fined

When something seems like a solution to a problem, look beyond

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How to make Russia a better place

When Russia hosted the¬†World Cup this year‚ÄĒan¬†event of¬†international importance‚ÄĒthe¬†host cities cleaned streets and¬†threw away the¬†trash, made life safer and¬†the¬†overall appearance neater

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