Cash is freedom. Change my mind

My poster was present at聽a聽pro-freedom demonstration in聽Sanremo, Italy


It鈥檚 good to聽re茂nvest profits into development, but聽I won鈥檛 tie my hands by聽calling my company a聽nonprofit

Populist sovereignty

We must take back all the聽power

Privacy-respecting currencies

All privacy-respecting currencies have tradeoffs

Conscientious socialism

Socialism fails because of聽the聽tragedy of聽the聽commons鈥攁聽kind of聽prisoner鈥檚 dilemma

Money is a聽go-between

Money is a聽go-between鈥攁聽supposedly neutral tool that involved parties trust more than they trust each other


I work no聽matter what, because that鈥檚 what we, men, are supposed to聽do. In聽fact, we need to聽work even more鈥攆or聽the聽wellbeing of聽future generations

Dating apps

Most dating apps wouldn鈥檛 be profitable if they helped folk get into long-term relationships

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