12 oz Coffee in Verona

Screens with menus, lamps that look like cups, and a scammy drink

Genocide in Gaza

In less than a month of active war, Israeli strikes have killed more civilians in Gaza than have been killed in Ukraine in the last twenty

Asymmetric information

Asymmetric information is one of mankind’s biggest issues

Non-instant tax rebates

Non-instant tax rebates are scams: all they do is replace income tax with inflation

Uranium shells in Ukraine

After hearing about the UK’s intent to supply Ukraine with uranium-filled shells, I first thought that it was fake-news clickbait or satire

Bank fees

Most banks have a transaction fee that nearly always goes unseen by the customer

Copyrighted euros

Euro banknotes are marked © ECB

2021 → 2022

It’s about to be 2022. Whatever. We should not change our actions just because of an arbitrary new beginning

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