No normalcy

Normalcy never mightens a person

Just one smol misdeed

Just one smol misdeed can unmake great reputation and send karma down the drain

The utmost truth

The utmost truth cannot be put into words


The¬†word religion stems from the¬†Latin ‚Äúreligare‚ÄĚ: to¬†relink

Make the right choices

Demons don‚Äôt possess a¬†person suddenly‚ÄĒhe lets them take over

Re√Įncarnation is better than material immortality

It allows to live thru different upbringings in different bodies

Laugh every day

Laughter is the most spiritual act of all: it quenches fear and brings folk together better than anything else

Sirian craft sighting

Flying from Riga to Nice, I saw the following out of my window